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Vanity Cabinets

Vanity cabinets are the cornerstone of your bathroom. Whether you choose vanity cabinets that are whitewashed, cherry or something in between, they set the tone for your bathroom.

When you are searching for the perfect vanity cabinets, it makes sense to investigate all of your options. While home improvement stores are often competitive on the prices of their vanity cabinets, you are often limited to the styles the company orders. It adds nothing to your house when you have the exact same vanity cabinets as everyone in your neighborhood. Special orders are an option, but they can take a long time and add to the expense of your project. Specialty stores offer more styles but can be very expensive. Is there any place with unique yet reasonably priced vanity cabinets? Of course!

Peak Auctioneering is your source for vanity cabinets. Whether you're redecorating an entire bathroom or looking for a quick makeover, our line of beautiful new vanity cabinets can do the job. Choose from a contemporary, traditional or antique look in a variety of finishes and single or double sizes.

Once you choose the vanity cabinets that fit your style, you can choose the surrounding features that will complete the room. Peak Home Products has a number of decorative items to help you accessorize your bathroom. A new build or remodel is a great time to get creative with various design elements.

Peak Auctioneering caters to home builders, remodelers and home owners, and we offer three great ways to buy. You can choose from our online auctions, live auctions and online store.

Let the Peak Auction Store be your one stop shop for your entire bathroom interior. Contact us today to learn more about us and for a schedule of our building supply auctions.